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Tuesday May 5, 2015

at UnionDocs 322 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Program 2, 9PM: We Must Discuss, We Must Invent

What does the term “Third World” mean today and how have the politics of it—as a claim of solidarity, or a marker of denigration—shifted and changed in the last half century? Featuring filmmakers from the African Diaspora and Latin America, this program explores how artists across generations have used poetics and politics to complicate notions of development, authorship and power. We Must Discuss, We Must Invent is curated in response to the 1975 Flaherty Black and Third World Filmmakers Mini-Seminar, programmed by Madeline Anderson, which was a historic gathering of filmmakers of color in New York City to share their works with each other. 

Films include the 1967 documentary For The First Time made by Cuban filmmaker Octavio Cortazar and featured at the 1975 Seminar, Movie Tote (Ephraim Asili, 2014), Forget Me Not, As My Tether Is Clipped (Zachary Fabri, 2012), and a special sneak preview of an upcoming film by Anisia Uzeyman.

Curated by Kadin Herring, Jazmin Jones, Michael Laed and Carley Sposta. Moderated by Tsige Tafesse.

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