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Filmed on VHS-C in Flatbush, Brooklyn, DAPS explores my greatest fear- handshakes

Period Piece


A personal documentary about my relationships with men and menstruation

Hi Kirthi


A visual poem and apology

BUFU: By Us For Us Promo

An explainer video for the collective BUFU


An overview of US: BUFU's month of collaborative programming throughout NYC

Like Mike

An experimental, found footage film on the trauma of first kisses

Bara Admi

Inspired by the choreography of Pina Bausch and designer Doyel Joshi's conservative Indian upbringing, this fashion film juxtapositions the chaos of creativity with the weight of societal expectations


Seeking Mavis Beacon

An experimental film about one of the most important Black women in technology (and a figment of our collective imagination)


Azealia & the Internet

A short doc on Azealia Banks and her internet presence for the Tenth Magazine

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An inspirational found footage film grounded in affirmations from The Hood Hippie

By Any Memes Necessary

A found footage video installation on black virality; created for the Afrofuturism Conference with Yeelen Cohen

Afro Futurism Film Fest Trailer

A promo for the film fest curated by Jazmin Jones and Yeelen Cohen for the Afrofuturism Conference



A found footage horror film about losing control of your body

CLOUD9 Party Recap

A recap video from BUFU's 24hr Virtual Party

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