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By Us For Us: A Month of Black and Asian Futurity

Throughout the month of June 2016, we transformed 283 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, a 2000 sq. ft. warehouse space into BUFU Studios. It was created as a physical hub to both showcase our raw footage from Seoul, Tokyo, and Osaka, and to create an intergenerational, multimedia space centering queer, poor, POC, and other marginalized bodies by providing free programming around the themes of Black & Asian futurity & solidarity. It became a physical hub to host alternative ways in which we could collectively develop a new language to better understand the political and cultural relationships amongst Black & Asian diasporas while focusing on how to strengthen our communal ties and build inter-POC solidarity.

This month featured different themes for everyday of the week with dynamic programming under the titles BUFU HEALS, BUFU WORKS, BUFU EATS, BUFU FILMS, BUFU SESSIONS, BUFU TALKS, and BUFU JAMS.

Collaborating with over fifty organizations and individuals, we programmed over 100 events 7 days a week throughout the month of June. BUFU Studios created a different theme for each day to allow our community multiple entry points into conversations on Black & Asian relationships. In the space, we had a list of community agreements that were collectively created with our collaborators and implemented by our community leaders. Through this document, we attempted to ground our space to center poor, queer, disabled, POC and all other marginalized bodies. 


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